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Pharmadox company will build a new plant at Kordin

By May 16, 2019Uncategorized

Pharmadox company will invest €3.5 million in a new plant at the Kordin industrial estate. The investment was announced during a visit to the company by Minister Chris Cardona and Parliamentary Secretary Deo Debattista.

Parmadox, which is owned by Maltese investors, processes tests of medicines that are manufactured in various countries outside Europe, including India and Chile, so that they can be sold in Europe. The company, which opened doors 10 years ago, currently employs 80 workers many of them pharmacists and laboratory technicians.

Company director Peter Seychell said that Pharmadox invested €2 million in recent years, however to meet demand it will build a new plant in order to analyse the quality of more medicinal products.

“Today we announced a €3.5 million investment in a new project; we are talking about 1,400 square metres in a new plant which will be used so that the company enlarges its services to clients”, Director Seychell said.

Parliamentary Secretary Deo Debattista said that a demand exists for another 200 pharmacists due to expansions in pharmaceutical companies. He encouraged more students to choose this career, adding that the Government is offering a fellowship scheme for students to study for a doctorate.

Economy Minister Chris Cardona stated that Pharmadox company’s success reflects the country’s economic success. He said that there are 23 pharmaceutical companies in Malta, 11 of which increased their investment in recent years to meet the demand.